The Truth Telling Project has a long-time tradition of supporting activists who, with storied roots in their communities, work for racial justice through Black- and People of Color-led action. This support takes the form of naming a Radical Truth Teller each month, convening a virtual audience to celebrate the individual, and provide a stipend toward their work. We in turn build solidarity amongst our Radical Truth Tellers and facilitate mutual exchanges of knowledge as these co-conspirators, organizers, and educators continue pursuing structural change for their communities.

Hear from our next Radical Truth Teller on the second Thursday of the month. We invite you to continue learning from and with fellow activists nationwide and, in so doing, prepare to be inspired, to inspire, and to carry each other’s wisdom and creative insights into your own reparative work


Toni Taylor, born and raised in “The Ville” neighborhood of St. Louis, has always possessed a passion and commitment to education, youth advocacy, community involvement and, most of all, family. Toni brings 10+ years of experience in supporting, uplifting, and organizing her community. She is the creator and President of the non-profit Cary On The Ball Inc, the sole purpose of which is working with children and youth in need by connecting them to various resources. In addition, Toni has organized several community givebacks aimed at serving the youth, consisting of pajamas, backpacks, coats, PPE gear, etc. She does so much to uplift and improve her community: she is a member of the FSV response team, a partnership between Arch City Defenders and Faith For justice. She is also one of cohort two members at RUNG For Women.


Arseny Acosta is a 16-year-old from the South Side of Chicago. A first-generation American of Mexican descent, Arseny is attending Devry Advantage Academy with a focus on business and is interested in social justice and medicine. As a part of the “Voices of Our Children” project, Arseny went to the United Nations in Geneva to speak to the Committee to Eliminate Racial Discrimination (CERD) and work with Good Guys Mad City (GKMC), a youth-led organization, and with Women’s All Point Bulletin (WAPB), which provides support for women survivors of police violence. Arseny is currently working with GKMC to pass the peacebook ordinance, which would provide wrap-around services and job opportunities to reduce youth incarceration. In addition, she is working to establish a GKMC chapter at her school.