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The Truth Telling Project

Born in the wake of the Ferguson uprising, The Truth Telling Project is a community-led grassroots organization that centers the voices of those affected by systemic oppression & violence & those fighting for the dignity of Black lives. We are parents, children, sisters, brothers, community members, activists, academics, & allies committed to the idea that any attempt to engage with structural racism in Black communities must attend carefully to the opinions, perceptions, & voices of those surviving, struggling against, & thriving amid oppression. 

Our society is in desperate need of making oppression more visible and holding institutions accountable.  By organizing truth-telling events, we create safe and empowering spaces for those impacted by police violence and oppression to heal, voice their experiences, vent, grow, build community, problem solve, and then share their stories to educate and community build with allies near and far. 

?It’s Time to Listen is an educational platform that spotlights these voices.




“Our histories never unfold in isolation. We cannot truly tell what we consider to be our own histories without knowing the other stories. And often we discover that those other stories are actually our own stories.”

Angela Y. Davis, in  Freedom Is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement 

Educational Resources

The Truth Telling Project takes an unyielding stand with teachers, administrators, parents and young people throughout this nation to uphold the right to learn the truth about this nation’s history: the reality of TransAtlantic chattel slavery, its continuing vestiges, and the U.S. settler-colonial regimen upon which the expansion of the U.S. empire was built on Indigenous lands.  We uphold the 20-year-old body of scholarly research known as Critical Race Theory (CRT) that is presently trickling down from Higher Education to K-12 schools and challenge those in favor of a “patriotic education” to explore their discomfort and

become unsettled as this nation confronts the truth about our history. We stand with abolition scholars and reject censorship of literary and historical texts that tell the true and accurate story of this nation’s past. True education is the ladder upon which the soul ascends, the intellect develops, and purpose and meaning is discovered. Education is one of the most fundamental factors in advancing civilization and building lasting peace and security. We endorse the educational efforts of curricular resources that expose all voices, all experiences, all his, hers, and their stories in the K-12 curriculum.