“Reparations is the midpoint between truth and reconciliation.”
–TTP Co-founders Dr. David Ragland and Dr. Melinda Salazar

Support a Radical Truth Teller

Every 1st Thursday of the Month, we honor a Radical Truth Teller who, with storied roots in their community, tells the truth in word and action.

Our Core Programs

+ Grassroots Reparations Campaign

The Truth Telling Project Co-founders Dr. David Ragland and Dr. Melinda Salazar wrote that “Reparations is a spiritual practice. Reparations is a midpoint between truth and reconciliation.” As TTP’s premiere program, the Grassroots Reparations Campaign launched in 2019 to uplift faith-based and ethically-centered communities that demand accountability for the history and current world conditions that slavery, colonialism, genocide, and other material and moral abuses created. Our campaign has set out to create a culture of reparations that emerges from spiritual practice, transformative education, and action. Acknowledging our history, we are committed to building a new reality for current and future generations by inviting a broad coalition of faith-based institutions and ethically-centered organizations to be part of an awakening to our participation and/or complicity in upholding systems of white supremacy. In collaboration with other Black-led organizations, we invite ethically-centered groups and congregations from various religious traditions to atone for and heal from participation in white supremacist culture, practices, and policies.