The Right to Speak Truth 2017


The Right to Speak Truth 2017
The Truth Telling Project is hosting Online Truth Telling Event today Friday, March 24th at 7.30pm EST/6.30CST/4.30pm PST to Commemorate The International Day for the Right to Speak Truth Concerning Gross Violations of Human Rights.


On March 24th, 1980 the radical truth teller Archbishop Oscar Romero was assassinated by El Salvadorian pro-government forces while performing mass. Following a truth commission established in response to state-sanctioned a study conducted; In 2006 the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights concluded that the right to the truth about gross human rights violations and serious violations of human rights law is an inalienable and autonomous right, linked to the duty and obligation of the State to protect and guarantee human rights, to conduct effective investigations and to guarantee effective remedy and reparations."

This panel including advocates sharing their experiences around organizing for issues that include the prison industrial complex, police violence, immigration and indigenous rights – as their narratives offer insights and challenges for the global human rights framework.

Vision and Mission Statement

The Truth Telling Project envisions a just, equitable and sustainable society free of state-sanctioned violence and systemic racism.

The TTP implements and sustains grassroots, community-centered truth-telling processes to amplify our voices about police violence and its structural roots, to foster coalition-building and solidarity among the most vulnerable intersectional identities, and to educate ourselves and allies about how structural violence functions in America. The Truth Telling Project supports reparative and restorative justice as the primary pathways for structural transformation.

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