Truth Telling Project Rapid Repair Fund

In a time when truth is questioned, we need to support those who boldly stand up to tell the truth. We need to tell the truth about the impact of white supremacy, racism, and the history of violence. To that end, The Truth Telling Project and the donors of this fund, have established a new initiative we call The Rapid Repair Activist Fund. We draw from a grassroots approach to reparations, a practice in which community organizers, scholars and writers have been actively engaged over the past few years, to support community activists in their daily needs. Given the lack of economic support for Black social justice activists, the likelihood of extended protests and the need to mobilize communities to support basic rights and human dignity, this philanthropic fund will seek to alleviate economic hardships by offering a running granting cycle. The intention of the Rapid Repair Activist Fund is to provide resources for activists-on-the-ground to receive a one-time grant up to $10,000. 

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