Past Events

Police Brutality Discussion

September 2015 | Georgetown University

Pastor Cori and Dr. Ragland shared their experiences in the protests and why they’ve continued their involvement the movement for Black lives

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International Week

September 2015 | American University

Pastor Cori and Dr. Ragland shared their reflection on structural racism and violence in America

Responding to Police Violence Reflections from Ferguson


Violence in America:

Truth Telling Through Exposure

June 2015 | St. Louis, MO

At this event, Dr. Angela Davis reaffirmed that the protest movement ignited by Ferguson activists was necessary to expose and speak truth to power about injustice in the US.

From Selma To Ferguson

June 2015 | University of Rhode Island

Dr. Bernard Lafayette, Pastor Cori Bush and Dr. David Ragland spokeĀ  about the connections and the continuation of the movement through Ferguson/ Movement for Black Lives Matter



The Truth Telling Weekend

March 13-15 2015 | St. Louis, MO

The Truth Telling Weekend brought scholars, activists and community members from around the country together to discuss the possibility of Truth and Reconciliation in this current social climate. The theme was from Truth to Transformation.

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