It’s the End of the Year Friends


Dear Friends,
This year so much has happened and we’ve continued to witness and stand with our community to tell and share the truth.  Because of you, we continue our work connecting global human rights to police brutality in Ferguson and around the country through our forums and partnerships. We’ve been telling and sharing the truth through our stories in the truth telling hearings, and in our new online learning commons, “It’s Time to Listen,” at We’ve also been connecting with other communities and learning how our stories relate.

In March 2017 we held a forum on the International Day for the Right to Speak Truth on Crimes Against Humanity with activists from around the world.

While truth telling is our focus, the truth comes out in many different places.  In April, we held a weekend seminar on addressing conceptions of violence against women and masculinity where Ferguson protesters participated.

Because we promised to find ways to share and educate communities about police violence and its root causes, in August we launched our online learning common’s, “It’s Time to Listen.” You can find the Commons on our website.

Since then, we’ve been deepening the curriculum on the site so that educators and organizers can utilize it easily.  We also traveled around the country to places like Birmingham, Al; Gallup, NM; Chicago, Ill;  Santa Barbara, Orange County, CA at UC Irvine; Monterey, CA; Washington, D.C. and Portsmouth, NH.  In each venue we teach educators and students to explore It’s Time to Listen as a way to begin understanding the experiences of people brutalized by police violence. We also supported activism on the ground as Co Directors Pastor Cori Bush and David Ragland and National Board Co-Chair Kristine Hendrix have been on the ground in the St.Louis Protests after the acquittal of Officer Jason Stockley who killed Anthony Lamar Smith.

There are so many things to support, but we know truth telling is close to your heart. When you support truth telling you support women of color organizers like Melinda Salazar and Chrissi Jackson.  And in the new year Melinda is leading the efforts to expand Truth Telling to communities organizers connected with the Navajo Nation.  She recently went to Gallup to help facilitate culturally appropriate, privately recorded testimonies with Navajo women about environmental racism, domestic violence, and missing persons, and also shared It’s Time to Listen with teachers in an alternative high school.  Chrissi is coordinating the work with Voize archive to hear and record testimony of formerly incarcerated persons.

Their efforts are part of expanding “Its Time To Listen” as a living archive of people’s experience and struggle toward justice, as well as the curriculum in the commons to educate while we listen to the stories. We believe that learning to listen and hearing what communities want and need from their experience, is the beginning of truth and reconciliation.

To meet our end of the year goals, we need your help! Please donate so we can continue our work. This year, one of our donors will double your giving up to $10,000.  If you’ve given before consider doubling your tax deductible donation.

If you donate at the $100 level you will receive a handmade sterling silver Truth Telling necklace!











Let people know that you are a Truth Teller in times like these, where our stories are denied.

In Love and Struggle,
The Truth Telling Team