Pastor Cori Bush





Born and raised in the St. Louis, Missouri area, Cori is a current candidate for U.S. Congress in Missouri’s 1st district, an ordained pastor, an activist & organizer with Ferguson Frontline, and a community organizer working with several groups throughout our world. Her work crosses cultural, ethnic, gender and religious lines as a way to foster unification through intersectionality. As co-director of the Truth Telling Project, Cori travels the country highlighting the voices of the voiceless, bringing light to their stories and is also Cori is a founding member of Mobilize Missouri. She is an international presenter on nonviolent conflict, and has worked as a Nonviolence 365 Ambassador with The King Center. She serves as an executive team member of St. Louis United, a group of organizations, activists, clergy, and community members unified standing against police violence.

Through her activism, Ms. Bush was honored as a recipient of the ‘2015 Woman of Courage’ Award from the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation, the 2016 Delux Magazine ‘Power 100’ Award and named one of the ‘Top 50 Women of St. Louis’ by Gazelle STL Magazine in 2017. The daughter of a politician father and a computer analyst mother, Cori is the proud parent of two amazing teenagers.  As a registered nurse, Cori works as Director of Outpatient Services while also supervising nursing services for a community-based mental health agency in St. Louis City that services the homeless, underserved, underinsured, and uninsured.

Because of her strong commitment to the community, Cori has been on the frontlines of the Ferguson movement as a protester, as clergy, as a medic, and as a victim of police assault on the day in 2014 that the announcement, “No True Bill,” was heard around the world. Seeing first-hand the need for proper representation and better legislation for all, Cori ran a groundbreaking campaign for the U.S. Senate in Missouri in 2016, mobilizing thousands to engage in the political process. Shortly after, Ms. Bush was elected the first vice-chairperson of the Missouri Democratic Party Progressive Caucus in 2017 and co-founded an emergency shelter for the unhoused community that she hopes to have open for 2018. She stands as an organizer on frontlines of current St. Louis Protests known as ‘Expect Us,’ and plans to continue on boldly in the fight for justice, equity, and equality for all.



“The Importance of Truth Telling”