The Truth Telling Project

The Truth Telling Project implements and sustains grassroot, community-centered truth-telling processes to amplify our voices about structural violence. We share stories, facilitate healing, support activist on the ground, educate, and seek justice.


Structural Violence refers to systematic ways in which social structures harm or otherwise disadvantage individuals -

it is subtle, often invisible, and often has no one specific person who can or will be held responsible.


We are a not-for-profit organization under the sponsorship of the NEIU Foundation.

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Mission Statement:

The Truth Telling Project implements and sustains grassroots, community-centered truth-telling processes to amplify our voices about police violence and its roots.  We foster coalition-building and solidarity with the most vulnerable communities. We educate ourselves and our allies about systemic violence throughout the United States. We support reparative and restorative justice as the primary pathways for structural transformation.





The Truth Telling Project seeks to engage the U.S. in stories that galvanize thoughtful, empathetic and educated allies for Black and communities of color.   By encouraging “witnesses” to listen to and reflect on voices “from the margins,” our hope is that more individuals and communities might become interested in ending the structural and militarized violence in the U.S.. We work to help people understand the deep seated institutional racism that allows for police violence to occur, and the pervasive impact that violence has on families and their communities. We ultimately encourage empathy and anti-racist learning among ally communities, and lead people to The Movement for Black Lives and other racial justice organizations as supporters.





· Testimony that exposes the experiences of people and communities that suffer from state sanctioned violence


· Internal education within the organization and external education within communities


· Healing within communities that experience police violence with the hope for broader reconciliation


· Supportive networks for families dealing with police and state sanctioned violence


· Solidarity among and between allies, organizers and educators to engage their community around issues of racial justice to encourage black and P.O.C. led action


· Collaboration with individuals and groups with related struggles


· Embodiment of our values, such as democratic womanism, queer affirmative, decolonialism, and anti-racist values in our personal and professional practices.



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